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MK Marra King - Photography Services Birmingham

marra king makeup artist & photographer birmingham

Marra King

a little about me

My name is Marra, and I am a qualified freelance make-up artist with over 8 years of experience, based in the vibrant West Midlands. Specializing in bridal, party looks, and fashion styles, I have a deep passion for helping individuals discover their inner beauty through the art of makeup.

My journey into makeup began 15 years ago when I started modeling for other talented makeup artists to showcase their skills. Unfamiliar with the world of makeup at the time, I embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery by practicing on myself every day. Makeup became a transformative tool for me, lifting my mood and boosting my confidence. As I delved deeper into the craft, I discovered its profound impact on my emotions and self-connection.

What started as a personal experience grew a desire to share the transformational power of makeup with others. Initially, cosmetics gave me confidence by allowing me to appreciate my own appearance. Over time, I learnt to accept my imperfections and embrace myself for who I am. Being a makeup artist, I was able to pass on this confidence to other women by helping them feel better about themselves and embracing their intrinsic beauty.

As a makeup artist, I find immense joy in witnessing transformative moments. Seeing the nerves and stress melt away from brides when they look in the mirror on their special day is one of the most beautiful aspects of my work. Another cherished moment is connecting with models, empowering them to showcase their best selves with confidence and grace.

In addition to my beauty services, I am also pleased to announce that I provide excellent photography services for weddings and fashion shoots. Using my camera to capture the beauty of these exceptional moments is an extension of my passion for creating amazing experiences. Whether it's a bride's vibrant glow or a model's confidence, I am dedicated to offering personalised services that serve each individual's unique attractiveness.

As my career progresses, I remain committed to honing my skills and staying on the cutting edge of industry trends. My goal is to provide the best possible service to all my clients, ensuring they feel empowered, confident and truly beautiful.

MK Marra King - Photography Services Birmingham
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